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Relato de uma avó

Relato de uma avó

by Alice Vieira de Moraes

My, Princess

Relato de uma avó - por Alice Vieira de Moraes 

I was born under the chill of a rainy morning in July. By my parents desire, I came to the world through a beautiful natural birth. I remember my mother's brown eyes, staring at me with tenderness. I felt safe when my body, supported by Dr. Izilda, still covered in blood and mucus, was caressed and cleaned.

Unsuccessfully I tried to smile to acknowledge my sister and brother: sweet Aline who sighed expectantly for my tears of life and the brave Thales who had just cut my cord. I craned my neck and found blue eyes on the face of my father, anxious, waiting for some attention. My heart was flooded with joy, because Grandma excitement would be saved forever. Soon after, I felt the warmth and taste of my mother's breasts. Beside us the caring and loving grandpa helped me to get the delicious food.

Relato de uma avó - por Alice Vieira de Moraes Relato de uma avó - por Alice Vieira de Moraes 

They named me Dora in honor of my dear greatgrandmother who, at 88, was weaving a beautiful crochet hat for my arrival. I was crowned with a lot of affection, like a shower of jewelry made  of gold and precious stones with means of higher power: sardius, emerald, topaz, ruby , jasper, sapphire, jacinth, amethyst, agate, beryl, onyx ... each of these stones containing a magical gift. I sat on a throne of love made  of a single block, symbolizing unity and strength. So, I turned into a princess.

Translation by
Jacira Garner

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